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  Buying Property in Today's Market  
  There is a time when your thought process becomes more clear and you decide to make a change. When you've realized that it's time to move forward to purchase a new piece of real estate, it probably makes you smile. You are about to see how your hard work pays off. If the timing is right then a tangible asset that you and those around you will enjoy is just around the corner.

Although there are some fluctuation in the real estate market, it has proven to be the most solid and stable investment over time, with record appreciation in California. 

If you haven't done so by now, then please take advantage of our new state of the art property search engine located on the home page of this New Connection site. As technology advances there are always tools that surface to make our lives easier. Our search engine is directly connected to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so any property listed on the MLS will appear within our search engine. You now have a free tool to use at your leisure to pursue your dream. Simply inform us of your criteria or register on your own and input your criteria. You are on your way forward once that task is complete. 

Along with the search engine; New Connection offers private precise MLS searches so you won't have to sift through properties that don't fit your exact needs. You will see how you save time, money and effort when you allow New Connection into your life.

If you notice properties that look interesting then it's time we connect you with a lender and get you pre-approved. From experience it is customary to get pre-approved from a lender first so you know the maximum amount you are approved for and then continue to search accordingly however this is not a requirement with our brokerage. You can do what you want. We are here for you to exceed your real estate needs.

In the event that you are not pre-approved or pre-approved for an amount less than expected; we will discuss the proper steps necessary to fix the issues and a timeframe when you will be ready. In the meantime you can always keep an eye on the market with the search engine.

Interest rates right now are at historic lows and we are seeing an extreme influx of buyers like yourself into the market. The trend we experience is simple supply and demand. Right now the demand in our main coverage areas is very high however the supply is quite low. We are involved with bidding wars and always convey the forecast to you. Basically, you have to be very ready to view property and make a strong offer if you plan on closing the transaction. We will readily assist with all of this as we are fully aware of what needs to happen for success. It also helps that we are rooted and well known throughout the entire Bay Area by many agents, brokerages and property owners within various sectors. 

We want to begin a friendly business relationship with you and everyone who needs our services by making the buying experience a stress-free and memorable one. 


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