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Advantages of Having a CPA and Attorney

Real estate strategy requires consideration of economic, accounting, financial, and tax elements before making a profitable sale or viable purchase.
By including an onsite CPA and Real Estate Attorney, New Connection can identify and resolve potential legal and tax issues for our clients. A CPA's role requires an understanding and analysis of tax implications, reviewing historical financial history, future projections, and forecasts, and financial advisory. An attorney can assist both the buyer and seller in contract negotiation and general business advice. 

 Inspect The Property
The three main kinds of inspection are structural, legal, and environmental. Generally, a potential buyer will hire an expert to examine the physical condition of a proposed purchase and will look for evidence of deferred maintenance and note the type and age of property. The structural review will normally be done by engineering consultants and pest control experts. The seller may make cosmetic improvements to enhance the property’s value prior to selling.

The legal review can be extensive, starting with a title search, which will include encumbrances, mechanic's liens, judgments, property tax, water, sewer, rental restrictions, easements, violations, judgments, and environmental liens.

Knowledgeable purchasers and sellers utilize their CPA to determine purchase price, transaction costs, financing costs, rental revenues, and operating expenses to calculate and identify opportunities for increased cash flow, or enumerate why cash flow may decrease

The fair market value of a real estate investment is affected by the current or expected cash flow and the rate of return (capitalization rate) the buyer is willing to accept.
Net Income (cash operating revenues minus cash operating expenses) from the property determines how much cash is available to pay financing expenses and capital improvements. The acceptable rate of return is important to determine whether the purchase meets the buyer's and lender's investment criteria. 

 What to Know and
Where to Go From Here
New Connection offers a team of experienced professionals to help minimize the risk and stress of a real estate investment based on the unique circumstances of each transaction. 

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